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Frequently asked questions about the spellcasting service


How do I buy a spell?

You must do it on my website, using the Checkout button on each spell. You can pay with Paypal, Debit or Credit Card.

Can I buy more than one spell?

Yes, I can cast up to 3 spells at the same time.

Will you contact me after purchasing?

Yes, of course. You can write me to send me the information.

How do I send the information?

You can send me the photos and names to amiraasmodea@outlook.com or via Instagram or Messenger

Are the spells guaranteed?

The result of spells is NOT guaranteed. What I guarantee is that I will do my best and put all my experience to try to help you, and that the spell will be done.

Why can a spell fail?

There are countless reasons why a spell can fail. Among them, other sorcerers working at the same time as me, the Energies of Nature, the Will of the Gods, and of course Destiny. Sometimes what can't be can't be.

How long does a spell take?

It usually takes me 7 days to perform the spell. You will usually see the first results after two weeks. However, sometimes it can take longer, even months, depending on the same factors I listed in the previous answer.

Will you get in touch after the spell is done?

I will contact you at the end of the spell.


Will you send me proof of the spell?

Yes, I will send you a photograph of my altar as a proof that the spell was cast once the spell is finished

Do spells have adverse effects?

No, the spells have no adverse effects or backfire

Will you ask me for more money? Is it a single payment?

I never ask for more money

What if the spell doesn't work? Will you refund my money?

No. I perform the ritual and that is why you pay, not for the results. If you don't accept that there is a possibility that it won't work, you better not buy the spell.

Can you make a person do something they don't want to do?

No, I can't force a person against their will.

Can you see the future?

No, I don't have any psychic powers. I am not different from other people, I only practice witchcraft as a religion.

I hope my answers are clear. Any questions you have about my services, do not hesitate to ask

I am an honest, transparent person who wants to help you.



Amira Asmodea